About 8.8 PROD.

8.8 PROD is a production company created in 2011 and orchestrated masterfully by Fansé Sanogo. Based in the Bamako Mali, USA, and accessible around the world, 8.8 PROD brings its expertise and unique style of storytelling and cinematic techniques to feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate videos and event videos. 8.8 PROD was created to be a production company that has the capability to meet the needs of large companies by guaranteeing a high quality and timely finished product, while keeping these services available to smaller businesses and beginning filmmakers by providing competitive pricing. With a true passion for film of all types, we look forward to meeting all your film and video needs!



What is the importance of Commercials?
This world is a big place and getting your message reach to the people across the globe can be quite a big challenge. Similarly, it is very important for businesses to reach out to as many people as they can so as to excel. Though, doing so appears to be a daunting task, but it is not at all difficult. You simply have to hire a company that can make effective commercials and is capable enough of showing what your business is all about. Commercials are not the clips of something or anything, with a voiceover; they actually can be utilized by businesses to spread tons of information about who they are and what they do in less than thirty seconds. The information that can be shared in the commercial is what a company offers, price of the product or service, location and so on.
The commercials are usually short and the information they are meant to share comes and goes before you even know it, but if it is made with care, the message that is intended to share becomes crystal clear. Additionally, the commercial does not have to be overstuffed; it is good to keep them short, sweet and informative.

Product Awareness
Reaching out to the targeted audience through television and radio can help them know what the product is all about and what purpose can it serve in their life. It also helps in branding the products. Particularly, brand awareness about low involvement buying decisions which customers wish to complete quickly can work as the central ingredient for generating sales. It also helps potential customers to know about your businesses attributes which can be an additional benefit.

For some products, commercials can be a great way of comparing your product with the other products. These are not attacking ads, but simply you tell why your product and service is better from other players in the market and what differentiates you from the rest. Think of noodles and detergent ads, they never name the other brand but compare positive traits of their own over others.
Commercials draw people towards businesses and through Television, internet and radio commercials businesses can smartly inform and entertain the customers at the same time. When people consider a product or service, they relate it to the image that was conveyed to them through the commercial. Businesses have to be creative and innovative at the same time for attaching attractive personalities to their products and services. Hence, finding a company that designs effective commercials becomes imperative.

Business Overview

Business Overview

A company overview/ information or summary is a very essential ingredient of a business plan. It must contain all the information in the same way it sounds like. An overview must contain all the important points about your company and usually appears after the executive summary. The business overview is the smallest chapter of business plan document, when presenting this plan in front of people outside the company it works as an opportunity for you to introduce your business. There are several companies these days that provide services for writing company overview, just imagine you have a professional who has experience in writing Business Overview for different businesses and he successfully writes your business plan for people who are not aware of it in a very effective way. The service company also writes about what all you do, by presenting 5 Why’s such as who, what, when, where and why? The business overview writing company focuses on what should prospective clients remember about you and the company? When this section of the business plan is written focus must be put on the founder, owner, prominent team members, product or services offered and the reason why you are unique from other. Developing a business plan that suits your requirements means to tailor a subject for the audiences. Certain times it can mean to eliminate a section that is not applicable to the current project. For instance, if the business plan is being written for the internal purpose, then company overview can be written as a status such as how it reached the level it is at today?

Company overview in a business plan consists of the following:
Company overview/ information/ summary: Where you will sum up everything briefly.
Company history: In this section you provide the back story, including foundation date and who all were involved.
Management: Write the details of who run the company and mention other key roles too.
Legal structure and ownership: Here it is mentioned how the company will be structured and who own which percent of it.
Locations and Facilities: Here details on work place and plans are mentioned.

Mission: It is a statement which describes guiding principle of the company.
Business overviews are the meet and greet section of a business plan. Typically, for a newly set up company, it explains what vision and goals a company has for the business venture. While existing businesses that look forward to procure further capital must be using this section for describing about the company’s financial solvency, operations and its future plans.

Music Videos

Music Videos

What Impact Music Videos can have on Business?
A music video must be able to deliver right results. For making a video that is effective and at the same time puts impact on the customers, it is important to combine creativity, best video making practices and audience psychology. It can be possible only by hiring a professional company that provides services for the same. An effective video making company must have professionals with adequate experience in engaging, inspiring and compelling customers to act. This is one of the most persuasive methods of communication, but at the same time it is also the trickiest one. The video that is being created has to be targeted and relevant and must be able to speak to the audience in a way that it hold value and cannot be ignored. When you as a company pour time and money into the video, so why would you want to leave some areas unnoticed and ignore them? Hire the professionals who provide apt approaches and help you in hitting the target time and again.

Music Video Companies follow following strategies:
View of the internal market: The music video service companies must immerse themselves with the client’s business. They must know why and what you do and what makes your business different from the other, whom are you targeting and who are the main competitors of yours.
External Market: In this step the service company studies business and customer analysis and defines what can be the barriers and opportunities so as to reach the ideal customers.
Shaping the Strategy: In this stage, service companies provide approaches for targeting the audience and give recommendations on time frames and budgets of making the videos.
These days videos have become an important part of the marketing mix and it is important for you to make sure that both style and content of the video is developed by keeping in view what message you wish to pass. There are different components that make up your brand, tone of the videos must be clear and the audience must be able to get your message. Proper use of colors can work really well for a video and graphics are equally important for the success of the video. Music and sounds to be used in the video also make a big difference. Hence, a professional service provider can put together all the brand elements in the video and pass your message to the audience.



Good event planning starts by knowing what you want to achieve. It is good to determine the goals because knowing them will be very valuable as you pass through the planning process. Knowing about it can also help in avoiding unintended growth and expansion of the documentary. Documentaries hold very resonant role in today society as they are the visual medium which can help in learning and evaluating certain facts behind situations. The companies that provide services for events/ documentaries work from making historical documentaries to a company’s team building event. They work with you right from the very beginning of the project towards the end, straight from pre production to the post production so that you get the videos of top most quality and it is able to conveniently reflect what you want to say. These companies offer everyone from film makers to the event coordinators, an opportunity so that they can document and promote their work through one of the most popular medium and that is documentary. The creative teams in these companies help in the creation of product that not only promotes the work but also functions as an informative as well as entertaining documentary for the future times too.

The teams at these companies document all your work and deliver each and everything from initial concept to the actual production of it. They can assist you in the following ways:

  • Conceptualization of initial ideas
  • Visualization of the ideas
  • Writing and then shooting the video
  • Directing the storylines
  • Editing and colour and sound correction of the video
  • Delivering the broadcast of ready documentaries
  • Delivering the shorts to local or regional stations, cable T.V. and more

A good services company has experience in handling entire gamut of documentaries, right from historical to one’s own life stories. They understand how to craft your story into a specialized narrative. As the digital landscape is ever changing and the competition is becoming immense each day, an effective service provider can provide you with the winning product. There are a few service companies who provide events/ documentaries at the most reasonable pricing while bringing the best from your idea in front of the world. If you want to make a mark in front of the world for the exceptional work you did, it is important to hire professional service company that can make the real difference for it.

Explainer Videos/Graphics

Explainer Videos/ Graphics

Explainer videos are the short videos available online, they are meant to explain about a company’s products and services. These are the short videos and are expected for marketing especially and are usually around two minutes long. These are used by brands and companies to explain how a particular product or service of their works. It is one of the simplest measures of targeting the audiences in the most simplified and entertaining manner. There are several benefits of such videos.

  • These videos give your company huge online visibility boost, as there are more than fifty percent chances of finding the video on the search engines.
  • The bounce rate gets reduced as the average time spent on a webpage increases from initial eight seconds to two minutes.
  • There is also an increase in the conversion rate as the landing page which has placed explainer video on it can grow conversions considerably at a rate of sixty five percent.
  • There is increase in the email click rate as the emails that are sent through emails have enhanced click through rate.
  • It boosts the ROI

The effective explainer video companies work incredibly hard to create the processes that work effectively for the clients. They first understand the client’s requirements and then write their script, create graphics and finally prepare the videos with the help of professional voice over and music as required. Video length is something of great importance here as how long it has to be firstly depends upon the client’s planning of the same. There are some golden rules that must be kept in mind as are they are directly conveyed by the professionals to you. It is good to keep the video simple, small as well as engaging.

So, if you too want to tell your story or want to explain the complex directions by using only graphics for the same then look for an efficient service provider. An effective company is the one that ensures effective communication with the clients and can also combine their experience, model, and sketch and virtually animate anything so that you can keep your point in front of the world. Not only this if you think something must be added or deleted after the video has been created the companies assist in doing so also. With the help of effective explainer videos and graphics you will be able to increase your company’s sales effectively.

T.V and Movie production

T.V and Movie production

T.V. and movie production services companies provide services and support for making T.V. series, feature films, corporate videos, photo shoots, commercials, reality T.V. and much more. Aside from their outstanding taste, the T.V. and movie production services give you an advantage of expertise and talent, as they work with numerous companies, they understand what trends are in and can make the difference. The established production excellence companies are well regarded for their exceptional work in the industry. They manage every aspect of a projects production right from the development, physical and post production to the final delivery. The companies use latest cameras and high end equipment so as to achieve incomparable results. Apart from them a recognised T.V. and movie production companies also have some of the finest people from the industry who work day and night, rain and shine for the production, they mix their previous experience with innovative ideas to achieve something beyond the expectation. They also bring in their expertise and unique storytelling and cinematic techniques as the professionals are compelled by their passion for quality video and filmmaking. The objective of production strategy is to utilize the available resources in a way that can lead to the top most quality.

No matter, if your project requires one day shoot or complex production, the good televsion and movie production companies collaborate with you throughout the entire process and ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with them. They work hard so that you get something dynamic and of value. These services can be taken by any company irrespective of the size, some companies assure to guarantee superior quality and timely completion of the project while being highly competitive about the pricing.

So, if you are a writer, producer or a director and look forward to take your project a step ahead, Television and Movie productions can help you in realizing your dream by converting your idea into something spectacular. They will help you in making documentaries, Short stories, television shows, corporate videos, photo shoots, commercials and much more. It is good to invest some time in selecting a company that can provide you an edge over the other and recognition. With the help of exceptional vision, latest equipment, talented team members, cinematic techniques and years of experience in the field of T.V and Movie production these companies can do wonders for your projects.