Welcome to 8.8. PROD

8.8 Prod is a label created in 2011 and orchestrated masterfully by Fansé. 8.8 Prod activities revolve around multimedia design and visual communication.

All fans know of Mali Rap posters Tal B and Wasteful for their concerts at the Modibo Keita Stadium last August. Well, these posters are signed 8.8 Prod !.

Posters, flyers, company brochures, websites, logos, books, tv commercials, that’s part of the range of skills 8.8 Prod in multimedia design field meets current needs for visual communication, both for the businesses and artists.

The structure also organizes shoots for rappers artists, models or anyone who wants to take photographs of professional quality.

We retain photographs of Penzy, Memo, Iba One and self-portraits of Fansé 8.8. In reality, it is much more than photography because to it is added a subtle work of computer graphics where the attention to detail and perfection is obvious. Some see here the spirit of graffiti licked as they say in the jargon of painting! Look at the portfolio of 8.8 Fansé on Flickr.

Ask any player in the hip-hop movement if the name of 8.8 Fansé said something … You see everybody knows it! His passion for film and the image is experienced and built in the heart of hip hop milieu for which he has a special affinity.

His first music video in 2010, is the Mylmo “Were Were Dance” in collaboration with Doc and Pooh Bah dedicated to Cheick Oumar, accounts to date, more than 44,000 views on Youtube. Unknowingly Fansé began a career designer and director when his current reputation is not yet imaginable.

In 2012, the video for Penzy “Born kan my taw” is an ode to solidarity. He staged a series of portraits of children, women and men who illustrates the words of the singer. The framing by Le Duc Nega is striking by its sincerity to capture the expression of the characters. But also, the choice of colors to black and white dominant and work in the chiaroscuro lighting overwhelm the viewer a vivid emotion empathy.

In a completely different genre, the clip Memo All Star “Play Boy” dating from 2013, enjoys a fun achievement, lighter in accordance with the artist’s theme. To honor the festive evenings, dancing, beautiful girls and the famous Playboy embodied by the artist Memo. The originality of this glittering achievement is characterized by the use of animated elements (similar to cartoons) that flow like confetti.

The last rap video dated, “Issue # 1” Iba One is quite innovative! He is the embodiment of the spirit Bling-bling, jewelry, outfits and extravagant lifestyles where wealth is synonymous with beauty. The special effects in this clip are applied without pitfalls, it believes it is in!

Far from being confined in the hip-hop world, 8.8 Prod. was able to open up to other genres, the clip “To the dama” of the artist, musician, singer and griot Nampé Sadio is a perfect example. The video uses an intimate realization in a warm interior that met the artist and singers dressed in their resplendent tunics. Bazin brighter and more flashy than ever twirls our pupils so its colors and patterns are highlighted. We almost hear ringing in our ears the legendary sound of the friction generated by Bazin dance moves!

The route is 8.8 Fansé dazzling, today’s achievements 8.8 Prod label are known and recognized among the best clips of the Malian rap. We can not remain insensitive to the perfectionist technique Prod 8.8, images are transcended, it shows unreal creatures, magnified, a clean and smooth universe, without asperity.

So whether you are an individual, an institution or a professional if you want to enhance your image, contact 8.8 Prod. Baco to Djicoroni AIT 63 58 49 40, email fanse88@yahoo.fr or join them on their official page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/8.8Prod!