When genius and passion meet

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Nothing, Fansé has held its place in the world today of the African showbiz and even global. Sanogo Fansé more known Fansé eight of eight is a young Malian video specialist who is more than a dream today because of his magic fingered and quality of its productions. Born and raised in Bamako in a quiet family environment, Fansé evolves in showbiz with great singers artists, especially the new generation of Malian rappers including Penzy, Mylmo, Iba One, Wasteful and others for whom it performs video clips, photos and sometimes artistic web pages. Soon his fame exceed the Malian border and reach major areas of global showbiz thanks to the superior quality of its videos, but also to the great inspiration for the scenes clips (environment, decor, public) “Fansé is just a genius. This is the best of his generation in what he does. All I can say is that God grants him long life to continue to amaze us, “said Penzy by calling Fansé. “We started together, it was he who was my beats and sing. Then he made the first test clips with me, yet it still managed. We grew up together, I became what I am and also became the Fansé worldwide today. I am very proud of him and very proud of what he has become, “said Mylmo on the one with which he started the showbiz.

Very humble and modest, the media soon became a passion for him that he lives every day. And outside the achievements of clips of the great Malian artists, Fansé 8.8 has just signed a phenomenal clip of the iconic Ivorian group Magic System. Fansé became just national pride and a model for the young people of Mali.