8.8PROD  is a production company founded in 2011 and masterfully orchestrated by Fansé Sanogo. Based in Bamako, Mali, USA, and accessible worldwide, 8.8 PROD brings unparalleled expertise and style of narrative and cinematic techniques to feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, business and videos of the event videos. 8.8 PROD was established to be a production company that has the ability to meet the needs of large enterprises by ensuring a final product of high quality in a timely manner while keeping these services to small businesses and start filmmakers offering competitive prices. With a passion for cinema of all types, we are eager to meet all your needs of film and video!



What is the importance of Commercials?
This world is a big place and getting your message reach to the people across the globe can be quite a big challenge. Similarly, it is very important for businesses to reach out to as many people as they can so as to excel. Though, doing so appears to be a daunting task, but it is not at all difficult. You simply have to hire a company that can make effective commercials and is capable enough of showing what your business is all about. Commercials are not the clips of something or anything, with a voiceover;

Business Overview

A company overview/ information or summary is a very essential ingredient of a business plan. It must contain all the information in the same way it sounds like. An overview must contain all the important points about your company and usually appears after the executive summary. The business overview is the smallest chapter of business plan document, when presenting this plan in front of people outside the company it works as an opportunity for you to introduce your business.

Music Videos

What Impact Music Videos can have on Business?
A music video must be able to deliver right results. For making a video that is effective and at the same time puts impact on the customers, it is important to combine creativity, best video making practices and audience psychology. It can be possible only by hiring a professional company that provides services for the same. An effective video making company must have professionals with adequate experience in engaging,


Good event planning starts by knowing what you want to achieve. It is good to determine the goals because knowing them will be very valuable as you pass through the planning process. Knowing about it can also help in avoiding unintended growth and expansion of the documentary. Documentaries hold very resonant role in today’s society as they are the visual medium which can help in learning and evaluating certain facts behind situations.

Explainer Videos/Graphics

Explainer videos are the short videos available online, they are meant to explain about a company’s products and services. These are the short videos and are expected for marketing especially and are usually around two minutes long. These are used by brands and companies to explain how a particular product or service of their works.

T.V and Movie production

T.V. and movie production services companies provide services and support for making T.V. series, feature films, corporate videos, photo shoots, commercials, reality T.V. and much more. Aside from their outstanding taste, the T.V. and movie production services give you an advantage of expertise and talent, as they work with numerous companies, they understand what trends are in and can make the difference. The established production excellence companies are well regarded for their exceptional work in the industry.




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